Secret Symbolism.

Marlboro, Corna and the Nazi sign

Posted on: November 3, 2008

All roads lead to Rome.

That said, I guess it’s better to say: all roads lead to ancient Egypt, or even better: Ancient Babylon. To see why this is true, I’ll show a couple of secret signs hidden from the people. Firstly, the Marlboro brand. They used some very interesting signs and symbols in their logo. One of them is the pyramid, and the two masonic pillars in the word MARLBORO, the l & b seems to stand for the two pillars of masonry, and paganism. The two pillars also stand for the number 11, which is the favorite number of Aleister Crowley, and many masons, because of it’s synchronicity in for example: 2×11=22, 3×11=33, and with the number 11 you can create a numerical pyramid. Coincidence? that might be if you believe in coincidence.

The pyramid in the Marlboro logo is very obvious, and as you can see, only the left “horse” has a crown. The left side, is the sun entering the Pyramid, but it’s also the gateway to the constellation Orion. Below, you can see the two masonic pillars, which stand for The Pillars of Hercules.

Here i’ve drawn the pyramid’s internals over the Marlboro package, as you can see, the Kings Chamber is near the first horse, the crowned King symbolized as the number 1:

Here is an image of the two pillars, which is a very old Pagan symbol for strength:

The two pillars is also used in Satanic communication, the most obvious one is the use of the Corna. This is the “horned hand”. This symbols is very old indeed, contrary to what many believe,  it’s meant for casting a spell to whom the fingers are pointed to. So by using the symbol, you are casting a spell unto someone.  below you can see that two fingers are pointed upwards, also symbolizing the two pillars of masonry.

While that is such a striking coincidence, there is another very interesting symbol hidden inside the “Nazi greet”. This signs also used in Roman and Greek times, was meant to say loosely translated: “those who make this sign are ready to die for the King”. I found that when Adolf Hitler was walking in the middle of two groups who make the nazi greet, he used to hold his hand back, this way he could recieve the greet instead of casting the greet.

The angle of the arm in a nazi greet, resembles again a pyramid. Where the person who is walking in the center, is the capstone of the pyramid. The two persons on both sides, again create the two pillars in an angle, creating the pyramid and the sign: “11” which is as we know a very important number:

Here I’ve drawn the Pyramid, as you can see, the Nazi greetings on both sides create the pyramid, and the person in it’s center is the capstone and the all seeing eye:


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